Payments, refunds, and collections policy

Dakota Dental collects the patient’s portion of payment prior to, or at the time of service for all major procedures.  We try to accurately estimate this portion for the patient.  If, as a result of this practice, a credit occurs on the account we diligently work to handle that credit as the patient desires.   

Credits on the accounts are gone through on a monthly basis and will be issued based on the following guidelines.  Each account with a credit will be reconciled to make sure all credit/debit entries are correct and double check insurance payments to ensure accuracy.  If the patient has notified us to leave the credit on the account no further action will be done.  If there is upcoming treatment the patient will be contacted to see if the credit will remain on the account.  Otherwise, the credit will be issued to the guarantor on the account.

If a patient has an outstanding balance with Dakota Dental, every effort will be made to collect that balance in full within 90 days of the time of service.  If this does not occur, the patient will receive a notice and phone call from us attempting to formulate a repayment schedule that works for both parties.  Every attempt is made to work with the patient on the repayment of bills owed.  If the patient is not engaged in this process, or fails to comply with their agreed upon arrangement, then and only then, is the patients account turned over to a collection agency.

We accept payment with the following credit cards: